Clothes make the wo-man, colors make the room

Corporate Interior Design - Show who you are and get the best out of your space!

Company spaces are not only the most important figurehead to the outside world, but also the most formative element internally for every employee. The philosophy of the company must be reflected in these rooms. In this way, they become credible and can be clearly experienced by customers and employees.

White walls are basically wasted opportunities to surprise customers and motivate employees. The right use of colors, design language and design elements creates brand identity, conveys a positive attitude to life and creates lively meeting places between employees and customers.

Leipziger Verkehrsbetriebe

Corporate design for the wall - For the public transport company, the striking design of a network map was abstracted and applied to all walls with public traffic in the company's corporate colors. The artistic murals particularly enliven the dark areas in the building - in combination with matching illuminated panels. "Now the sun is really shining here!" and "Finally, a design that has something to do with us." - that's what users have to say.
Project: Katrin Reinhold - Interior designer

Interior design + color concept
Siamar Travelagency, Leipzig

The desire for faraway places is awakened by bringing the sensuality of faraway places, the colorfulness and exoticism into the salesroom. The feeling of vacation already begins here - in the travel agency. Siamar Reisen has been awarded a prize and is one of the top 3 most beautiful travel agencies in Germany.
Project: Planobjekt GmbH

Interior design + color concept
Paulick Immobilien Consulting, Leipzig

The redesign of the entire office area was to incorporate existing artistic photographs and paintings. Strong contrasts and striking graphic structures give each painting its own place and additionally enhance its expressiveness. Together with the sophisticated lighting system, these offices offer a variant high-quality aesthetics and meaningful visitor guidance.
Project: Planobjekt GmbH

What do you want?

What is important for you?


get your spaces refreshed and up to date

Experience more liveliness, variety and a breath of fresh air in your business premises.

This is suitable for entrepreneurs who want more than sober white workplaces, but also appreciate emotionality, high-quality aesthetics and modern design.


show who you are with a strong branding and be ahead of your branch

Reach more customers, more unique selling points and a higher price level of your products and services through a convincing high-quality appearance.

Simply let your rooms speak for themselves and your products!

The 1st impression counts - and you can stay so positive in the minds of your customers.


make your people smile and proud to work for you

Enjoy more encouragement from your employees, customers and partners. Quality of life is a priceless commodity, which is becoming increasingly important and has many positive effects, especially at work. Support a high level of concentration, effective exchange and targeted relaxation moments of your employees and conjure up a smile on their faces. In this way, you retain existing employees and can also more easily attract new professionals.


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